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Staying Safe in Today's World


                 "She dresses herself with strength and makes her arms strong."  Prov. 31:17

The idea for this ministry began about 2 years ago when Jamie began to feel God's guidance in helping others learn how to protect themselves.

So began a journey of learning new skills, new methods of teaching, and the growth of an intense desire to help others.

The Good Shepherdess Ministry is a traveling ministry designed to help small groups or congregations educate women about safety in today's world.  While our focus is for women, all are welcome at our seminars.  Safety is for everyone.

Topics covered:

What does God say about self-protection?

Things a good shepherdess should know about keeping her flock safe.

Developing a plan.

Where to find more information.

As the idea for the ministry grew, Cara Conry of Spirit Firearms Training joined in.  Working together through much  prayer and time in the Word, this 2 hour seminar was born.

The Good Shepherdess will come to your large or small group, free of charge, to help educate on the topics above.

Together Jamie and Cara hope to spread the word that we can remain safe in today's world and tend our flock as God wishes.

The Shepherdess by Johann Baptist Hofner

The Shepherdess by Johann Baptist Hofner

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